Is Webflow right for your business?

When building a website for your business, you have dozens of options, from Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace, to hiring a front-end developer to create your site from scratch.

There is really only one option, though, if you want to marry the best features of all of these into one platform: Webflow.

This guide will walk you through the benefits of going with Webflow, and why it's leaps and bounds better than its competitors.

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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a US-based website development and hosting platform. It was started in 2014 and has gone from a minnow in the website builder industry to a giant today.

The Webflow platform allows users to create amazing custom websites with the following benefits:

  • ⚡️ Lightning fast loading times - Webflow sites are lightweight and structured well under the hood, allowing them to load and run super fast for your customers.
  • 🔒️ Advanced security and backups - Your site is protected by enterprise-grade security features, with a free SSL certificate and regular backups.
  • 📏 100% customisation - Every aspect of a Webflow site can be customised. You are not limited by boring cookie-cutter templates.
  • ✏️ Super simple content editor - Updating and adding new content to your site is an absolute breeze. Webflow's content editor is user friendly even for people without tech skills.
  • 🕸️ SEO-optimised - Webflow allows advanced customisation of your website's SEO settings, which can help your business rank higher in Google searches.

We'll go through all of these benefits in more detail below.

Webflow homepage
Webflow's homepage

Webflow is slowly taking over the digital world and leaving its outdated competitors in the dust.

Large organisations that use Webflow today include Dell, Upwork, Gumroad, PWC and more.

But Webflow also appeals to small and medium sized businesses and startups who want the speed and SEO benefits that it brings.

Let's take a look at which types of businesses are adopting Webflow the most.

Who is Webflow for?

Webflow has broad appeal and is used by businesses of all sizes and across industries.

It can accomodate huge enterprise-level customers, and small mom-and-pop operations.

With its advanced design tools, which allow for 100% visual customisation, Webflow is the perfect solution for businesses that need to create brochure-style marketing websites.

Tech startups, for example, can easily and visually showcase their products with Webflow, and Webflow's SEO tools build a structure that can help them rank for keywords in Google.

Locomote homepage
Locomote, a business travel platform

Webflow's popularity is growing across a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Blue collar services - electricians, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry
  • Professional services - law firms, accounting firms, consulting companies
  • Health and fitness - gyms, medical centres, aged care, healthcare companies
  • Philanthropy - Not For Profits, NGOs and charities
  • Startups and tech companies
  • Community organisations - political organisations, sport clubs, education organisations
  • Manufacturing, resources and logistics
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Real estate and property

What are Webflow's benefits?

As mentioned above, Webflow has a handful of key benefits that make it the best website builder in the game currently.

Let's take a closer look:

⚡️ Lightning fast loading times

Compared to its competitors, Webflow sites load ultra-fast, with a number of key features that give sites built on the platform a performance boost.

Firstly, Webflow sites are hosted on global servers close to your user, resulting in snappy and reliable page load speeds.

The code generated by Webflow is also structured to minimises page size, and images are compressed and displayed to users in a performant manner.

🔒️ Advanced security and backups

Webflow sites utilise enterprise-level security features to ensure your site is secure at all times, without the need for constant manual security patches or the threat of being hacked.

We've helped a number of clients switch to Webflow from Wordpress after security vulnerabilities in Wordpress rendered their site unusable.

You can have peace of mind that this will not be an issue when you host with Webflow.

📏 100% customisation

Your business needs to stand out online. And too often we see clients who come to us with boring, cookie-cutter websites based on outdated templates.

Luckily, Webflow allows for full customisation of every visual aspect of your website, so we can design and build a website according to your exact needs.

We'll use industry-standard design techniques to make sure that your customers remember your business and can find exactly what they need on your website.

✏️ Super simple content editor

The biggest gripe that new clients come to us with is that their old website has become unmanageable and they have a hard time updating it.

This is Webflow's superpower.

The content editor that every Webflow site has allows for your team (even those without tech skills) to easily update text and images on any page of your website, and add new content within seconds, whenever you need to.

Compared to Webflow's competitors like Wordpress, the content editor is an absolute piece of cake to use.

You will be able to spend more time on your business rather than fixing your website. And you'll always be able to have the latest information up on your website.

Is your team finding it hard to update your website? Talk to us about how Webflow can make your life easier.

🕸️ SEO-optimised

Having a great website is fine, but you also need to get it into your customers hands. Part of the challenge there is to rank for keywords in Google, when people search for certain terms.

A local plumber, for example, might want to rank on the first page of search results when people search for "Melbourne 24/7 plumber" - this requires search engine optimisation.

This is a complex topic that warrants a much more in-depth writeup, but in short, Webflow is the best website builder for structuring and maintaining your search engine optimisation efforts.

From a technical standpoint, Webflow's clean code structure and fast page speeds give it an edge over its competitors in the eyes of Google.

And once your site is built and in your hands, you can easily update the metadata for each page on your website (we will teach you how to!).

Webflow customisation
Webflow allows full visual customisastion

Webflow vs competitors (Wordpress etc)

There are tons of guides online comparing the relative benefits of Webflow to its competitors (Webflow vs Wordpress, Webflow vs Squarespace).

We won't go in depth here, except to point out some of the most common things we hear from clients after they switch over to Webflow.

The platforms that clients are usually switching from are Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix.

While each of these has its merits for businesses looking for a website platform, they each have significant downsides that make Webflow a far superior option.

1. Managing your site - The most common complaint about other platforms that we hear from clients is that their team doesn't know how to manage their website. As a result, they let their websites get outdated and buggy, which affects how their customers interact with their business.

Wordpress in particular is not a user-friendly platform for editing and adding new content. By contrast, Webflow's super simple content editor makes this a breeze.

2. Automatic backups and security - Likewise, clients love the fact that Webflow handles a lot of the time-consuming processes that other platforms do not.

For example, Webflow backs up your website to the cloud on a regular basis, and applies any security updates automatically. It also provides a free SSL security certificate so that you do not have to source your own. There is no need for you to do any of this pesky manual work anymore.

Melbourne Free University homepage
We helped Melbourne Free University migrate from Wordpress to Webflow

3. Site speed and SEO - Many of our clients choose Webflow because they are sick of slow page load speeds of other platforms.

The clean code structure of Webflow results in super fast loading times and great page speed scores compared to bloated competitor websites.

4. Beautiful design - Webflow gives full power to designers and developers to be able to customise every visual aspect of a website.

Our clients love having a website that looks exactly the way they want it to. Other platforms are a lot less customisable (without the help of an expensive developer and a lot of time) and usually result in lots of ugly cookie-cutter templates being used.

Got a Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix site you want to convert to Webflow? Contact us for a free quote.

Who is Webflow not for?

There are some important caveats that stop Webflow from being a perfect solution for every business.

Here are some situations where Webflow might not be the appropriate option for your business:

  • Enormous databases of content - Webflow currently allows users to store up to 10,000 items in their CMS. If you have tens of thousands of old blog posts
  • Complex app-like functionality - Webflow is great for building marketing websites and other website functionality, but it is not quite ready for businesses that need to build custom apps on its platform. If you need app functionality with user logins and advanced actions and automations, head to our Glide apps service sister site.
  • Multilingual sites - Webflow currently doesn't support multilingual sites (except through use of a 3rd party plugin). If you need your website to display in multiple languages, you're best looking elsewhere.

Should your business switch to Webflow?

In short: Yes, of course!

Unless you have any of the requirements above that fall outside Webflow's feature set, you should be switching to Webflow.

Not only will your business reap the rewards of using a fast, secure, SEO-friendly platform, but you will also future proof your website for several years to come.

To get the ball rolling, get an instant quote or speak to our team directly. We can have a beautiful new, custom Webflow site ready for you to show off to your customers in a matter of weeks.



Last word: Webflow for Australian businesses 🦘

A brief note here to discuss Webflow's growing popularity in Australia.

Whilst we work with businesses all around the world, we are based in Melbourne, Australia and like to keep a close eye on how Webflow is tracking here.

Melbourne CBD

Similar to Webflow's growth in the US and globally, many Australian businesses (including several of our clients!) are making the switch over to Webflow due to its platform advantages.

Popular tech lookup aggregator BuiltWith lists over 9,000 Australian websites built with Webflow as of February 2022.

This number is likely to grow exponentially over the next 5-10 years as more and more of Australia's 2 million plus businesses discover the platform.

Stay tuned as we keep monitoring Webflow's progress in Australia.